Proper Property Services

Proper, who?!

Well, hello there!

I’ve decided to give this blogging business a whirl…

First up for the topic at hand: Who/What is Proper Property Services, Inc?!

Let me start off by introducing myself individually, I’m Jennifer! I am an avid entrepreneur whom is very passionate about what I do for a living. I thoroughly enjoy learning…constantly. My nose is almost always inside a new book, related to my industries. I am someone who firmly believes in the old adage: “You never stop learning…”. I have experienced quite a bit more than most my age, I have a wealth of knowledge on a plethora of topics. I have had many successes, but I have also had many failures, and I own it! I refrain from viewing a “failure” as a negative experience. I make it a point to understand what the lesson is to be learned with each failure. With that being said, you will find me to be someone who is VERY hard working, loyal, and sincere; I tend to be an introverted people pleaser.

I made the decision to begin my Real Estate journey based on the sheer fact that it is a field that I have always loved and been fascinated with, ever since childhood, oddly enough. The term Real Estate in general, covers such a broad range of ideas and interests, it is something that we ALL have in common! It is an industry that goes hand in hand with the Building industry, which I am also VERY passionate about…it’s in my genes.

I was very strategic in obtaining my Real Estate BROKER’s License. I am not one to have credentials, just because. I truly waited until I felt that I had solid experience licensed as a Real Estate Salesperson, before I made the choice to go on my own and sit for the Broker’s Exam. I’ve been an agent for:

  • Edward Surovell Realtors
  • ERA Realty Select
  • MY Realty Select
  • Century 21 Brookshire

I’ve had the experience of a lot of hand holding with some of these brokerages, to none whatsoever. I’ve had the experience of a being a part of a national chain/franchise, to being a part of a local “chain”, and even an independent brokerage with no chain recognition at all. I fully understand the ins and outs of each of these operations and the effects on their agents and clients.

Proper Property Services was intentionally created to be the sister company of Proper Building Services, designed to ultimately create the brand recognition of “Proper“. The two industries most definitely go hand in hand and compliment each other very well! My experiences bring a unique background to both industries, along with a well-rounded understanding on the inter-workings of both.

So, who the heck is Proper Property Services?!

Proper Property Services, offers anything real estate related!
We handle:

  • Traditional Real Estate Transactions (Listing and Selling)
  • Commercial and Residential Property Management
  • Commercial and Residential Property Investment

We prefer to conduct business within the Washtenaw County area, as that is our forte`, but service mostly Southeastern Michigan. Another area close to our hearts, Kalkaska County; such an outstanding vacation area! I am originally from the Milan area, but my married life has now moved me to theManchester area. I have a very thorough knowledge and understanding of the Washtenaw County area!

The Proper brand was created on the basis of educating and assisting our clients to make informed decisions. We love it when our clients have tons of questions! When you have questions, that means you are engaged and creating an understanding for the material at hand. When you as a client are informed and educated about your decisions, we have succeeded in helping you make the best decisions for YOUR circumstances. Trust me when I say no two transactions are identical.

I look forward to updating this blog on a bi-weekly if not weekly basis. I am also looking even more forward to educating and informing all of you on one of my passions!

Until next week…
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